Our Story

Hello! I am Lori Friesen and I created The Hazel Daisy Co because I wanted to help and encourage women to embrace their Be-YOU-tiful. As women we all at some point have struggled or do struggle with comparison and being enough. It’s something I have struggled with most of my life. After I went through about 8 years of major health issues and had some “is this it” moments, I gave myself grace, the same grace God gives me daily. I decided to embrace me and how God made me and just live life and spread kindness. I am a homeschooling mama who loves to be cozy but feel good and every headband I tried to “cute up” my cozy clothes, drove me nuts! Or when I ran I would have to adjust my headband numerous times abs it was frustrating! That’s when I said well maybe I could make them? And I tried and I loved them. From there I decided I wanted to share my creative talent with everyone. This made my family and I laugh because believe it or not I am very introverted! But I decided to not let that stop me. My husband and son are my biggest cheerleaders and helpers and supporters. I said ok, I’m just going to do it. I may fail but I have to try. And here I am :) I added earrings because I love earrings and love the lightness and beauty of them. I hand cut all of the leather earrings. I added diffuser bracelets because essential oils are a big and important part of our lives.
Along the way, I have met so many lovely people. I have challenged and pushed myself and loved it. I have changed the minds of many of you who said oh I look bad in headbands or I could never pull that off. And I say hey, you are beautiful and all you have to do is try. If you don’t love them that’s ok! But don’t assume ;) I have so enjoyed created and sharing these lovelies with you all. Some days, throwing on a cute headband and diffuser bracelet, make a huge difference in how I feel about myself. I spent many days home working through homeschool with my son, working on home stuff, shop work, and what feels like a hundred other things, and adding that touch of color or softness boosts my esteem from feeling lazy and frumpy to ah not bad ha.
We want to be encouraging, honest, kind, and continue to share our handcrafted lovelies with you. God made each of us different for a reason. He made you YOU for a purpose.
Embrace YOUR Be-YOU-tiful!